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Buy bitcoins via Google Play Gift Card with Swiss Franc (CHF)

37410.59 CHF
10 - 467CHF
Payment window:
30 mins

How much do you want to buy?



1. Please confirm the price and amount before place this trade.
2. Please pay the seller in the payment window. After completed the payment, please click "I have paid". The seller will release the crypto to you after received payment. If you do not mark as paid in time, the trade will be automatically cancelled after timeout.
3.If you encounter trade dispute, you can open a dispute, the customer service will intervene to deal with it. For details, please see "Help".

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Terms of trade:
I'm Nancy from China. I buy all kinds of gift cards and bitcoins.
I can pay you bitcoin/naira/cedi.

When I am not reply, please wait a moment or you can reach me via Whats. App +852 6875 9109

For this transaction, please observe the following terms
1. Please provide a clear gift card and correct code
2. Tell me the denomination of the gift card
3. Don't upload one by one
4. Do not try to send used gift cards, I will not publish BTC and open disputes
5. I need a lot of gift cards every day, if you have a lot of gift card transactions every day, you can find me here
6. Don’t upload anything before I reply, don’t be arrogant
7. Please leave good feedback after the transaction is completed, thank you

Disclaimer: If you violate any of the above day rules, I will not be responsible for this transaction